Pair of Vases by Ugo la Pietra for La Murrina / Poggi

La Murrina
La Pietra Ugo

Unusual set of two Murano vases by Ugo la Pietra for la Murrina. The pieces are composed by a thick milky/crystal glass body and a lacquered metal base. So there's a multiple use for the vases, with or without the metal part and upside-down. The pieces were originally designed by La Pietra as a part of a lamp, following the request of Poggi. He wanted to expand the collection of methacrylate pieces already produced together and this glasses are the only trace of this project (this last information was provided by La Pietra himself).

  • 7541
  • EUR 2400.00
  • 11.0 In / 28.0 cm
  • 7.9 In / 20.0 cm