Set of Four "Rialto" Bookcases by Carlo Scarpa for Simon Gavina

Scarpa Carlo
Simon Gavina

Set of four "Rialto" bookcases by Carlo Scarpa for Gavina. "In the early 1970s, Carlo Scarpa designed this model for his home. After three years of "enjoyable" discussions, Gavina managed to have him redesign it, making it suitable for mass-production. The basic design is made up of two elements joined to each other by a "cap" that creates a gap of 5 cms between them. The modern piece is secretly linked to the classic ones." (Courtesy DIno Gavina Ultrarazionale Ultramobile Book, 1998). Size refers to the composition of two single units together.

  • 6536
  • USD 4800.00
  • 98.4 In / 250.0 cm
  • 45.3 In / 115.0 cm
  • 8.7 In / 22.0 cm