Monumental "Cabina dell'Elba" One-Off piece by Aldo Rossi

Rossi Aldo
Building and Garden Elements

Cabina dell'Elba construction by Aldo Rossi.
This piece was manufactured in 1984 for Pitti Fashion Week show.
It's equipped as changing room with wall mirror, stool, wall hang and inside lighting.  
Literature available upon request.
"I had simply remarked the puculiarity and universality of the booths on the beaches. Not only at Elba. The point is that seeing is not enough. You have to watch till you take possession of the image and through the image of the thing. So I met thousands such booths , on the beaches of the Mediterranean, in California, in Argentina.
The booth is a small house, is the idea of the house." Essay by Aldo Rossi text written in 1992.

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  • 101.2 In / 257.0 cm
  • 46.1 In / 117.0 cm
  • 40.9 In / 104.0 cm