Floor Lamp Model 1030 by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce

Sarfatti Gino
Floor lamps

Floor lamp model 1030 by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce "The unusually shaped support rod consists of three components in polished brass, which include, from top to bottom, a handle with a spring for adjusting the reflector, a tubular flexible shaft grafted onto a conical support. The base is circular in white Carrara marble, while the reflector is in white lacquered aluminum. With this model Sarfatti made one of the first floor lamps models designed for reading." (Courtesy "Gino Sarfatti - 1938-1973 Selected Works by Romanelli and Severi - Book).

  • 6685
  • 55.1 In / 140.0 cm
  • 13.8 In / 35.0 cm