"Mb7" Sideboard by Caccia Dominioni for Azucena

Caccia Dominioni Luigi

Mb7 sideboard by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena.
Walnut and edges in solid wood, three doors and shelves inside, chrome-plated finish.

"In Luigi Caccia Dominioni's architectural plans, spaces flow on from each other naturally, following their own sinuous course. Harmonious curvaceous lines create a fluidity of movement that is symbolic of his study of non-rectilinear forms; rounded or jointed corners are a feature of his creations. This piece evolves from a single curve, making its 160 x 50 cm frame less daunting so that it becomes instrumental in creating movement. The elusive form of this credenza is divided into three sections, although the internal shelves extend across the full width for greater optimization of space. A channel runs down the edge of the three rounded doors, eliminating the need for handles, creating reflected light that seems to play an endless game of tag. The doorjambs are in chrome-plated brass for greater emphasis." (Courtesy Azucena Catalog).

  • 8488
  • EUR 6800.00
  • 31.5 In / 80.0 cm
  • 63.0 In / 160.0 cm
  • 19.7 In / 50.0 cm