Ceramic Bottle by Renato Bassoli

Bassoli Renato

Beautiful ceramic bottle with sculpture by Renato Bassoli. Biographic notes: He was born in Milan, where from 1937 to 1948 he attended the Brera Academy and the "Scuola del Castello", interrupted only by the war ainprisonment in Germany. Before concentrating entirely on ceramics, sculptures and the creation of jewels, he worked as a graphic designer and a set designer. In 1950 he began exhibiting at the Triennal of Milan, the Faenza Ceramics Exhibition, Villa Reale in Monza, as well as abroad in France, Holland, Germany, San Paolo (Brazil), Canada, etc. winning prizes and critical recognition. Between 1956 and 1958 he won the first and second prizes at the Monza Craft Exhibition.

  • 7694
  • USD 2500.00
  • 14.6 In / 37.0 cm
  • 5.1 In / 13.0 cm